Definition of peephole in English:



  • A small hole that may be looked through, especially one in a door through which callers may be identified before the door is opened.

    ‘she peered through the security peephole in the solid oak door’
    ‘he saw a peephole in the clouds’
    as modifier ‘she was wearing a black peephole bra’
    • ‘Blair breezed past him towards the door, looking through the peephole before opening it.’
    • ‘He went to the door and, without bothering with the peephole, he flung the door open.’
    • ‘Through the peephole in her door, Joanne could recognize the children as the ones on the news.’
    • ‘Standing on her tippy toes and checking the peephole, she unlocked the door and pulled it open.’
    • ‘Without thinking, without even looking through the peephole, she thrust the door open.’
    • ‘He frowned before making his way over and peering out the peephole in the door.’
    • ‘She stomped through the entryway and without bothering to look through the peephole, yanked the door wide.’
    • ‘She looked through the peephole and smiled as she opened the door.’
    • ‘He looked through the peephole in the door and saw Ryan standing there.’
    • ‘I squinted out the peephole and saw Kevin smiling brightly at me.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, I looked through the peephole before unbolting the door to admit Duncan.’
    • ‘I wish that we had one of those little peepholes in our door.’
    • ‘The little peephole in the door opened up and a face appeared.’
    • ‘On a normal day, he would have absently placed his jacket on the naked hook attached to the door just below the peephole.’
    • ‘I swung the door open without bothering to check through the peephole.’
    • ‘I suddenly realize that the peephole in the door facing mine is also open and that there's an eye behind it.’
    • ‘I always keep my door locked and use the peephole if anybody knocks on the door.’
    • ‘He turned the television off and went to the front door, checking the peephole before answering.’
    • ‘‘We have installed special locks, peepholes in doors, sensor security lighting and personal emergency pendants for about 40 people in recent times ’, she said.’
    • ‘Fez opened the peephole, standing on his tiptoes to see who was there, then opened it.’
    opening, gap, cleft, spyhole, slit, crack, chink, keyhole, aperture, orifice, crevice, cranny, fissure
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