Definition of peel off in English:

peel off

phrasal verb

  • Leave a formation or group by veering away.

    ‘the pace was much too hot for Beris, and he peeled off after five laps’
    • ‘Slowly I get up to the lights, then across them, and the traffic is clearing, as the town centre road peels off, then the next road.’
    • ‘Then, for your second session, the pace car peels off, and you're free to push the car as fast as you want to go.’
    • ‘He leads the charge, towing his teammates round for a lap; his team mate takes over as he peels off.’
    • ‘They marched out in regular formation, peeling off two by two at each main street to patrol their beats on foot.’
    • ‘You can hear the rush of wings and the odd cry, but mainly it's a silent movement with birds joining in the aerial display, or peeling off in formation.’
    • ‘The two Interceptors split their formation and peeled off in different headings.’
    • ‘Now the second swimmer sprints for 65 strokes, then peels off for the third swimmer's lead.’
    • ‘As they stare in horror at the old house, the cries suddenly cease and the stoic hero peels off, his tires squealing on the gravel country road.’