Definition of pedometer in English:



  • An instrument for estimating the distance travelled on foot by recording the number of steps taken.

    • ‘And keep track with a pedometer that counts your steps so you can set goals and monitor your progress.’
    • ‘Consider monitoring your exercise heart rate with a heart rate monitor or a pedometer to keep track of the number of steps in a given day.’
    • ‘She monitors her own physical activity daily with a pedometer and averages 14,000 steps/day.’
    • ‘Also presented at the meeting was a study that used pedometers to count the steps of 79 students at Oklahoma State University.’
    • ‘I tell women to get a pedometer and track their steps.’
    • ‘All you need is a pedometer to count your steps, a pair of good walking shoes and enough space to get on the floor for your exercises.’
    • ‘And recently the program has ordered pedometers that record how many steps you take and how far you walk, the chief said.’
    • ‘Get each child over age 10 (as well as your spouse and yourself) a pedometer to count steps.’
    • ‘Log your steps with a pedometer, available at sporting goods stores.’
    • ‘I'd be interested to get a pedometer and see how many steps I take in a day.’
    • ‘The numbers refer to the count of steps my new pedometer registers every day.’
    • ‘I aim to walk at least 10,000 steps daily and the pedometer keeps me focused on staying as active as possible in my daily activities.’
    • ‘I mentioned purchasing my pedometer and working towards 10,000 steps a day.’
    • ‘Once home, I checked the distance recorded on my watch, via my pedometer (another new word in my life).’
    • ‘If you use a pedometer, aim for about 1,000 steps more per day.’
    • ‘You don't need any expensive exercise bikes or rowing machines: the only key piece of equipment you need is a pedometer to record your daily step count.’
    • ‘Often worn at the waist, the simplest pedometers measure only steps and distance, recording steps by sensing body motion.’
    • ‘In order to monitor it all, I have a spreadsheet to record the number of steps each day from my pedometer.’
    • ‘Use a pedometer to accurately gauge how far you've walked throughout the day.’
    • ‘In one study, 400 women ages 19-71 were encouraged to walk 10,000 steps each day for eight weeks and to wear a pedometer while doing so.’


Early 18th century: from French pédomètre, from Latin pes, ped- ‘foot’.