Definition of pedogenic in English:



  • Relating to or denoting processes occurring in soil or leading to the formation of soil.

    • ‘All of the pedogenic features have hydromorphic characteristics, produced by extended periods of water saturation.’
    • ‘Basal erosion surfaces are locally overlain by a grey pebble-sized lag of mud chip and pedogenic carbonate clasts.’
    • ‘The red mudstone horizons preserve extensive pedogenic textures and desiccation cracks indicative of mature palaeosol development.’
    • ‘Other processes that are, however, important on local scales include aeolian, lacustrine, and pedogenic processes.’
    • ‘Palaeosol horizons are interbedded with these units, representing the pedogenic alteration of exposed floodplain sediments.’


1920s: from pedo- + -genic.