Definition of pedicure in English:



  • A cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails.

    ‘a pedicure will make sure your feet look their best’
    • ‘Treat your feet to a pedicure at home once a week - and feel the difference!’
    • ‘The next morning, it's pedicures and manicures for the three of us.’
    • ‘Just make sure you get a pretty pedicure to show off on the beach.’
    • ‘Massage oils are also great for hands and feet if she gives herself manicures and pedicures.’
    • ‘Nails are optional and if offered should be high-end nail services like a spa pedicure with foot mask, massage, exfoliation and footbath.’
    • ‘The bride-to-be and her friends get together at a spa to enjoy relaxing massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and other treatments.’
    • ‘The survey also documented attitudes about personal grooming, with 47 per cent of respondents having treated themselves to a manicure, pedicure or facial treatment every couple of months.’
    • ‘If you want to get into beauty treatments, have pedicures, because all your ills go to your feet.’
    • ‘A manicure and a pedicure later, both girls were lying in their sleeping bags having their traditional sleepover chat.’
    • ‘Treat yourself to a foot massage and pedicure and pick up a pair of candy-colored flip-flops - with some bright pink polish to match!’
    • ‘She offers aromatherapy massages to ease tension and back pain, and manicures, pedicures, arm and foot massages to improve joint mobility.’
    • ‘Choose from massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and body treatments.’
    • ‘I'm a little self-conscious about how my feet look and a nice pedicure certainly pretties them up.’
    • ‘A pedicure is essential: wearing sandals without pretty feet or at least a lick of nail polish makes me cringe.’
    • ‘Regular pedicures can also help keep feet and toes in prime condition.’
    • ‘Well, you should have regular pedicures and use creams and powders on your feet to keep the skin supple and prevent infection and odour.’
    • ‘Tanya can do waxing or tinting, and can treat seniors to full body, shoulder and neck or foot massages as well as manicures, pedicures and makeovers for any occasion.’
    • ‘On Saturdays, after I get a pedicure, I treat myself to pizza with mushrooms and pepperoni and a strawberry milkshake.’
    • ‘Our main treatments for youngsters are manicures and pedicures but we also do mini facials and makeovers and special occasion make up for weddings.’
    • ‘If your feet and toenails are really banged up, consider getting a pedicure.’


[with object]usually as adjective pedicured
  • Give a pedicure to (the feet)

    ‘pedicured feet’
    • ‘It's funny isn't it that I thought something would be familiar, when all I was really familiar with were my pedicured toes, the tv remote, the pool and my bed.’
    • ‘After putting on the formfitting, strapless nutmeg-colored pant set, Nyla slipped her pedicured feet into a pair of gorgeous Aztec beaded shoes with suede insoles.’
    • ‘It appeared that Em and the rest of her friends had swept the floor right from beneath her pedicured toes.’
    • ‘The colorful Indian toe rings to show off freshly pedicured toes.’
    • ‘She wore many bracelets, and flip-flops to show off her recently pedicured feet.’
    • ‘Laughing at the stupidity of her friend whom she could picture perched in her favorite arm chair, phone pressed to her ear, her pedicured feet thrown lazily over the arm of the soft chair.’
    • ‘Part of preventing that involves washing, buffing, creaming, and occasionally pedicuring my footsies.’
    • ‘Have you failed to hear a word he's said since he swept you off your perfectly pedicured feet and into the nearest watering hole?’
    • ‘Her toes were all nice and manicured and pedicured, it was just beautiful.’
    • ‘She didn't care what others may perceive of her looks at that instant, with her elegant black gown that lacked the final touch of a pair of footwear on her feet endowed with perfectly pedicured toes.’
    • ‘It's the blueprint for barefoot luxury - the French pedicured version, that is.’
    • ‘I'm tweezed, conditioned, hot oiled, hot waxed, manicured, pedicured, glossed, concealed, spritzed and sprayed.’
    • ‘They're buffed, toned, entirely hairless, manicured, pedicured, facialed, plucked, waxed, moisturised, walking talking perfectly made-up shiny-haired automatons from hell.’
    • ‘We are manicured and pedicured, measured and weighed.’
    • ‘After a few good, long minutes of wandering, her bare, pedicured feet making no noise on the thick crimson carpet cloaking the floors, she spotted them.’
    • ‘Your pedicured toes won't be peeping through colourful mules for quite some time.’
    • ‘I'd barely set my pedicured foot into the school when I was approached by a guy with dyed jet-black hair and a gray gas station attendant's shirt that had ‘Ray ‘embroidered on the breast pocket.’


Mid 19th century: from French pédicure, from Latin pes, ped- ‘foot’ + curare ‘attend to’.