Definition of pedicellate in English:



  • See pedicel

    • ‘The only pedicellate flowered species in the state, T. pusillum var. texanum, is part of the T. pusillum complex, which occurs in a series of widely disjunct populations throughout much of the southeastern United States.’
    • ‘Eretmonia pollen sacs are born in pedicellate clusters that arise as a branch from the adaxial side of the mid vein of a modified leaf.’
    • ‘Eocaecilia does, however, possess pedicellate teeth, long considered a synapomorphy of the modern amphibian orders.’
    • ‘Ear cross sections: In maize, the spikelets are arranged in pairs, one pedicellate and one sessile.’
    • ‘Amphiumas also lack external gills (while retaining one of three pairs of larval gill slits), and their teeth are pedicellate.’