Definition of pedicel in English:



  • 1A small stalk bearing an individual flower in an inflorescence.

    Compare with peduncle
    • ‘The pedicel of the highest open flower on each inflorescence was tagged daily with a piece of dated tape for the duration of the experiment.’
    • ‘An umbel is an inflorescence in which a number of flower stalks or pedicels, nearly equal in length, spread from a common center.’
    • ‘Counts were made of all buds, flowers, pedicels where flowers or fruits had aborted, and fruits.’
    • ‘The flowers, on a stout pedicel, have a 5-dentate tubular calyx.’
    • ‘Every inflorescence of a marked branch was individually identified with a numbered tag tied to its pedicel and its number of flowers recorded.’
    stem, shoot, trunk, stock, cane, bine, bent, haulm, straw, reed
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    1. 1.1Zoology Anatomy
      another term for pedicle
      • ‘A few posterior dorsals have a pair of depressions ventral to the pedicel on the edge of the intervertebral face.’
      • ‘They arise from a permanent bony base on the frontals called a pedicel.’
      • ‘Near the base of the pedicel, the transverse process projects lateroventrally.’
      • ‘A longitudinal crest on the medial face of each pedicel of the neural arch gives the neural canal an eight-shaped cross section in its central part.’
      • ‘They taper to a narrow base or attachment point, which, in some specimens, has a short pedicel.’


Late 17th century: from modern Latin pedicellus ‘small foot’, diminutive of pes, ped- ‘foot’.