Definition of pedestrianize in English:


(British pedestrianise)


[with object]
  • Close (a street or area) to traffic, making it accessible only to pedestrians.

    ‘the ancient centre of the town was pedestrianized’
    • ‘They also want to close the market place to all traffic and pedestrianise it.’
    • ‘It also emerged that there is no unanimity amongst traders over the issue of pedestrianising the main street.’
    • ‘There has been considerable talk about the need to pedestrianise streets in the town centre.’
    • ‘The project will not pedestrianise the area, as previously planned, but the streets will be dramatically altered.’
    • ‘Although the area would be pedestrianised, there would still be limited access for public transport, blue badge holders, businesses and residents.’
    • ‘Mr Thompson described how pedestrianising the High Street would improve and increase social and cultural interaction in the town.’
    • ‘Although I am in favour of pedestrianising the High Street, this should be prepared for in the years ahead.’
    • ‘About £1million will be spent revamping the town centre, which could include pedestrianising Main Street.’
    • ‘Any plans to pedestrianise Maldon High Street could spell disaster for the town, local business people have claimed.’
    • ‘The council has invested thousands of pounds in pedestrianising the street and has installed new lighting and a CCTV camera in the past four years.’
    • ‘They claim customer numbers have fallen since the street was pedestrianised 18 years ago.’
    • ‘Alternatively, an option could be to consider pedestrianising Market Street during certain times.’
    • ‘The inner area must be pedestrianised and the motorcar banished.’
    • ‘Again, it would appear that these unofficial spaces would be lost if the High Street were pedestrianised.’
    • ‘The council is planning to pedestrianise the street and some side streets in the area from 11 am to 7pm six days a week.’
    • ‘The road, which will be renamed New Cannon Street, will be pedestrianised.’
    • ‘If we had through roads with railings to pedestrianise the area and no stopping or parking, traffic flow would be improved.’
    • ‘They also discussed alternative traffic calming methods and ways of pedestrianising the town.’
    • ‘O'Connell Street will be pedestrianised and will only be accessible to public transport and taxis within the next two years.’
    • ‘The High Street could have been pedestrianised immediately.’