Definition of pedantic in English:



  • Excessively concerned with minor details or rules; overscrupulous.

    ‘his analyses are careful and even painstaking, but never pedantic’
    • ‘Some companies don't like dealing with this inspector because they say he's draconian and pedantic.’
    • ‘My dictionary defines a pedagogue as a pedantic or dogmatic teacher and there is a lot of that about Waters.’
    • ‘In order not to sound too didactic or pedantic, the lecturer added anecdotes and personal comments.’
    • ‘The past few articles I have written for this site have been pedantic responses to articles written by others.’
    • ‘I have language skills, I'm pedantic to stupendous heights, computer literate and I can fire and strip a pistol.’
    • ‘I had the same middle parted haircut for eight years, and I was quite pedantic about this being perfect.’
    • ‘At this point, the auteur's films felt fairly strained and pedantic.’
    • ‘You can be too pedantic about grammar and pronunciation and you can probably tell from this that spelling is a problem for me, especially when typing.’
    • ‘They would become even more bureaucratic and even more pedantic.’
    • ‘Cricket has a reputation for its confusing, pedantic rules.’
    • ‘Perhaps this is the wrong forum on which to be so pedantic, but this is something that has bothered me for a while.’
    • ‘Being a pedantic word-lover, and yes, a feminist, this drives me berserk.’
    • ‘No wonder some find his music insufferably boring and pedantic.’
    • ‘Well you could say it's a deal of nitpicking by pedantic scientists over detail.’
    • ‘Long-winded sentences and pedantic phraseology have yielded place to brief reports.’
    • ‘This can seem a lot of work, pedantic and fussy but is truly worth it if you can manage.’
    • ‘Sorry to be pedantic but it really irked me for some reason.’
    • ‘For years, pedantic scholars have crowed about the debt rock owes the blues.’
    • ‘There's simply no way around the system: it's pedantic, laboured and mind-numbingly frustrating.’
    • ‘It is not merely a pedantic question - although there is much to be said for scientists providing an honest portrayal of their figures.’
    overscrupulous, scrupulous, precise, exact, over-exacting, perfectionist, precisionist, punctilious, meticulous, fussy, fastidious, finical, finicky
    learned, cerebral, didactic, bookish, pedagogic, donnish, highbrow, ivory-tower, pretentious, pompous
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