Definition of pedal wireless in English:

pedal wireless


  • A small radio transceiver with a generator powered by means of a foot pedal.

    ‘the pedal wireless made communication possible and reduced isolation in the outback’
    • ‘With the development of the pedal wireless in 1929, communications between people of the outback became possible and reduced the feeling of isolation.’
    • ‘This book presents some of those remarkable inventions, including the pedal wireless, the lifesaving reel, and the pop-top can.’
    • ‘It was from this building that Birdsville's first pedal wireless broadcast occurred in 1929.’
    • ‘He developed a generator that could be satisfactorily operated by foot power to provide the necessary voltage—and pedal wireless was born!’
    • ‘Wireless telephone apparatus was installed in 1930 and a pedal wireless set on 28 March 1938.’
    • ‘He is already pulling the old-school-of-the-air pedal wirelesses out of storage for all you regressives to use.’
    • ‘The display features images of a family operating a pedal wireless on an outback veranda.’
    • ‘The beauty of pedal wireless was that the operator's hands were free to write down messages as they pedalled away.’
    • ‘The birth of the "flying doctor" was aided by the devising of the Traeger pedal wireless.’
    • ‘The Aerial Medical Service was made possible by the pedal wireless set that Traeger had first trialled in 1926.’