Definition of pedal pusher in English:

pedal pusher


  • 1pedal pushersWomen's calf-length trousers.

    • ‘She was wearing a rather swishy pair of pedal pushers and a pink hoodie.’
    • ‘Pencil skirts, pedal pushers (with black vinyl bottoms on a mock croc print), catsuits and zipped jackets combine to form a strong urban theme.’
    • ‘She feels very grown up in her pedal pushers, cool t-shirt and trainers that light up with every step.’
    • ‘I was wearing sea green pedal pushers and a light blue tank top.’
    • ‘She's wearing pedal pushers and a blue tube top with a sack stuck to the front.’
  • 2informal A cyclist.

    • ‘Some pedal pushers appear to have no comprehension of the meaning of a red traffic light.’
    • ‘All right pedal pushers, we know you're interested in this.’
    • ‘And before all you ramblers, horse riders, and pedal pushers complain, I say give us a break.’
    • ‘He has several ideas on making the city more amenable for pedal pushers.’
    • ‘Like the rest of us they thought this pedal pusher would eventually burn himself out early in the race.’


pedal pusher