Definition of pedal power in English:

pedal power


mass nouninformal
  • Cycling as a means of transport.

    ‘motorists are being urged to ditch the car and embrace pedal power this week’
    • ‘At many junctions, pedal power is given the priority.’
    • ‘A total of £750,000 has been set aside for upgrading and extending the city's network of cycle paths to encourage motorists to switch to pedal power.’
    • ‘As someone who firmly believes in using pedal power for local journeys, I take a great interest in watching the development of dedicated cycle tracks in this area.’
    • ‘I hog the bus lane, scare pedestrians and generally love the fact that pedal power can get me from A to B faster than any other mode of transport.’
    • ‘A team of cycling policemen, who will use pedal power to patrol western areas of York, will be given cycle training by York Council's Road Safety unit before taking to the streets.’
    • ‘The cycle route map is a fantastic resource for the large number of residents and visitors who choose pedal power to travel around the city.’
    • ‘But if you are staying in St Helier, the main town, you would be forgiven for thinking pedal power can't match sightseeing by car.’
    • ‘Pensioner pedal power is taking off in York as new classes for the more mature cyclists are proving popular in the city.’
    • ‘These generally include measures to encourage pedal power, in accordance with the National Cycling Strategy.’
    • ‘Now plans are afoot to open the eyes of Scots women to the glory of pedal power with ‘driving lessons’ for cyclists in Glasgow and Edinburgh.’
    • ‘Today, in a paralysed city, two wheels and pedal power was the best newsgathering vehicle around.’
    • ‘Around a quarter of car journeys are less than 2km, and for those short trips, why not consider either walking or even pedal power.’
    • ‘In London, journeys of less than 5 miles can be made more quickly and easily by bike, so why aren't Londoners taking up pedal power?’
    • ‘But how do people in York, Britain's top cycling city, feel about pedal power?’
    • ‘A group of Royal Navy officers from HMS York used pedal power to raise almost £1,750 in aid of the Hospice 2000 Appeal.’
    • ‘Kids used pedal power to help raise money for charity.’
    • ‘In a city where many residents choose pedal power, it seems right that spokes should be set spinning in a good cause.’
    • ‘Children in Bingley have been using pedal power as part of a campaign to get more youngsters riding their bikes to school.’
    • ‘Volunteers are being sought to encourage more people to use pedal power.’
    • ‘A charity manager is leading by example and using pedal power to kick off a fundraising drive.’