Definition of pedal car in English:

pedal car


  • A child's pedal-operated car.

    • ‘He wanted to take his pedal car and I helped him take it down the steps on the walk to the path near the pool.’
    • ‘Victorian dolls' houses, pedal cars and even our special mahogany rocking horses for £3,500 have been selling very well.’
    • ‘We had a big paper zebra crossing (actually a roll of wallpaper painted black and white) and pedal cars to use as traffic.’
    • ‘The pedal car, which has recently been exhibited at classic car shows, is in fully restored condition, complete with its dummy engine and working headlights.’
    • ‘Children from Little Elliott's Day Nursery, Elliott Road, Bromley, got on their bikes, trikes or into their pedal cars for the sponsored event.’
    • ‘There were also pedal cars and enough floorspace to drive them around.’
    • ‘As summer arrived, so did the big wooden crates bringing wonderful dolls, mechanical toys, pedal cars, tricycles, scooters, dolls' prams.’
    • ‘I started driving fast when I was 2 years old with a pedal car.’
    • ‘There are even two children's cars - a bright racing red pedal car hangs from a shelf, while a faded blue car - complete with engine - sits waiting for repair on a table.’
    • ‘Any copper worth his salt can prove anybody's committed a traffic offence - even a 3 year old in a pedal car.’
    • ‘He has been keen on motorsport since getting his first pedal car at the age of four - once he found out they went quicker with engines there was no looking back!’
    • ‘The Magnetic Poetry magnate has become an informal adviser, and the guy who reintroduced pedal cars is hoping to invest.’
    • ‘This week sees the introduction of new TV-inspired pedal cars for kids.’
    • ‘Neil remembers that when he was about two or three years old his father made him a wooden pedal car, which he really enjoyed.’
    • ‘My mother claims that Richard and I met by crashing our pedal cars together, but I don't remember it.’