Definition of pedal bin in English:

pedal bin


  • A rubbish bin with a lid opened by means of a pedal.

    • ‘Budget buys include a soapdish for €6, a towel for €8 and a €10 pedal bin.’
    • ‘I checked the errant pedal bin and immediately regretted the rash move, as a rash was what I received for my curiosity.’
    • ‘Whether it was fruit scones or vegetable curry, I only ever produced foul-smelling gunk worthy of a swipe along the worktop straight into the pedal bin.’
    • ‘A pedal bin is better, even if it's less fashionable.’
    • ‘His foot then stepped on the pedal bin offering a home for the used towels.’
    • ‘We ended up buying some items for our kitchens (a pedal bin and a small set of steps if you are interested).’
    • ‘Driving out of the supermarket carpark I asked: ‘Do you feel up to a quick dash to the DIY store for a new kitchen pedal bin?’’
    • ‘When the doctor was on the phone to Booth Hall I saw a nurse lean into a pedal bin and take out the tray with the finger on it.’


pedal bin