Definition of pedagogue in English:



humorous, formal
  • A teacher, especially a strict or pedantic one.

    • ‘This is a very comprehensive and complete set of resource books that could be used by vocalists and vocal pedagogues.’
    • ‘This process does not, in any way, relieve the teacher from being a master pedagogue.’
    • ‘Since as a pedagogue and teacher I always stress the need for proper preparation, I have decided to share with you some insights I hope you will find useful.’
    • ‘Three states in our division have chosen to recognize respected teachers and pedagogues.’
    • ‘My dictionary defines a pedagogue as a pedantic or dogmatic teacher and there is a lot of that about Waters.’
    educator, tutor, instructor, schoolteacher, schoolmaster, schoolmistress, master, mistress, governess, educationalist, educationist
    teacher, schoolteacher, schoolmaster, schoolmistress, master, mistress, tutor
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Late Middle English: via Latin from Greek paidagōgos, denoting a slave who accompanied a child to school (from pais, paid- ‘boy’ + agōgos ‘guide’).