Definition of PED in English:



  • A performance-enhancing drug.

    ‘he's admitted to using PEDs in the past’
    • ‘While obvious fingers point to less PEDs and better pitching, a couple of guys wanted to talk about the uncommonly bad weather we've had this year.’
    • ‘I'm not sure PEDs ever made a .270 hitter a .330 hitter.’
    • ‘A decade later he wrote a book detailing exactly that scenario: he had been the first to openly proselytize for PED use in locker rooms.’
    • ‘Some sports like track and cycling are jokes in regard to PEDs.’
    • ‘It looks like PEDs are going to be right back into the spotlight for a while.’
    • ‘After proving his mettle in training, he is delivered a dose of Super Serum, a PED that instantly makes him bigger, stronger, and faster than just about any other human alive.’
    • ‘The problem comes from the writers who will never vote for anyone who was even associated with PEDs.’
    • ‘He is again trying to distance himself from this week's controversy involving PEDs and a Miami clinic.’
    • ‘Yeah, I think PEDs are in the back of everyone's head at this point with his injury problems.’