Definition of peculiarity in English:


nounPlural peculiarities

  • 1A strange or unusual feature or habit.

    ‘for all his peculiarities, she finds him quite endearing’
    • ‘The peculiarity of this movie is that all the three characters are Indians but live in USA.’
    • ‘A man must be strong enough to mould the peculiarity of his imperfections into the perfection of his peculiarities.’
    • ‘There's no accounting for the peculiarity of folks, and even less for our own peculiarities.’
    • ‘In the short history of opinion polling in this country, one feature - or peculiarity if you like - is impossible to miss.’
    • ‘Look carefully at the contorted face in front of you and pick a peculiarity, say an unusual muscle twitch, poor dentition, bad skin, etc.’
    • ‘It embraces humans in all their complexity: with their merits and sins, peculiarities and idiosyncrasies, passions and peccadilloes.’
    • ‘I prefer to stress the distinctiveness of the feature-film industry by noting one more of its peculiarities.’
    • ‘In the meantime he acquired strange peculiarities of habits.’
    • ‘It is also clear that there are longer periods that have their own features and peculiarities.’
    • ‘One peculiarity of this artist's pictures was that he used actual gold leaf to make the high lights upon hair, leaves, and draperies.’
    • ‘He said: ‘Everything that has an old history, or an old ornament, or an old peculiarity, if it can be preserved, ought to be preserved.’’
    • ‘This peculiarity of the power supply in the village has become the butt of everybody's jokes.’
    • ‘Over the past year, I've learned that inside all subcultures there exists a fascinating world fraught with peculiarities, dangers and strange rituals.’
    • ‘That brings me to the peculiarity of the present case, or rather to two peculiarities.’
    • ‘Hair has uncanny properties; it is a peculiarity that hair and nails continue to grow for a short time after death.’
    • ‘Well, among Mark's many peculiarities (and there is neither the time nor the space to describe the others), is the fact that he owns only a handful of CDs, if that.’
    • ‘This head-in-the-sand attitude is not a harmless peculiarity - it is catastrophic for architecture and for urbanism.’
    • ‘But what of other sports stars and their sporting tics, traits and peculiarities?’
    • ‘But certain character peculiarities are corrected by helping a person change his writing.’
    • ‘A truly cohesive and modern society recognises that difference is not just a peculiarity to be ironed out, or an inadequacy that must be compensated for.’
    oddity, anomaly, abnormality, twist, quirk, eccentricity, trick
    idiosyncrasy, mannerism, quirk, foible, caprice, whimsy
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    1. 1.1 A characteristic that is distinctive of a particular person or place.
      ‘his essays characterized decency as a British peculiarity’
      • ‘But this is by no means an Australian peculiarity.’
      • ‘‘When you ask a Bulgarian a question it isn't the answer that matters, but the silence before the answer,’ Baker said, illustrating a peculiarity of Bulgarians.’
      • ‘Now there are some peculiarities of Australia, which means you use a particular type of machine but ultimately the machines we use here are also used elsewhere in the world.’
      • ‘It's a peculiarity of my nature that I often like to take less than the perfect tool and see what I can do with it.’
      • ‘He complains that various national peculiarities are being steamrollered by the tyranny of a new ‘international imperialism’.’
      • ‘The police have a lot of problems with people on holidays who do not know this peculiarity of the Basque coast.’
      • ‘Weather has also contributed to the seclusion and peculiarity of the Azores - stormy winter seas often prevent access to the smaller islands even by air for days at a time.’
      • ‘Many of these terms have been created to distinguish locality, others as a direct comment on the character or peculiarities of the Welsh.’
      • ‘As for the rest of the election menu, the lack of fundamental differences between the main contestants is not a British peculiarity.’
      • ‘Mehta is an urban ethnographer with an acute sensitivity to the peculiarities of his city.’
      • ‘National peculiarities aside, Western Europe continued to converge, a process facilitated by the development of a new post-social-democratic outlook.’
      • ‘One reason has to do with what is a real American peculiarity.’
      • ‘And Russia has the peculiarity of being the world's Eurasian nation.’
      • ‘It's likely to be a peculiarity of my own character but I've found it a pretty symbiotic combination, with each side supporting the other.’
      characteristic, feature, quality, essential quality, nature, property, trait, particularity, aspect, attribute, mark, badge, stamp, hallmark, trademark, distinction, point
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    2. 1.2mass noun The quality of being peculiar.
      ‘the peculiarity of their upbringing’
      • ‘The peculiarity continued into the second half.’
      • ‘I hope the council's suggestion doesn't contribute to the death of the local dialect or regional linguistic peculiarity in general.’
      • ‘There was some peculiarity to the kick, though, as Hartson later intimated that his illustrious partner Henrik Larsson, Celtic's usual penalty taker, had been reluctant to become involved.’
      • ‘Why does the Supreme Court persist in this peculiarity?’
      • ‘I just kind of conjured them up out of my subconscious and put them in order of ascending peculiarity.’
      • ‘She breathed the cold air with a tint of peculiarity.’
      • ‘Opinions differ according to the relative value critics place upon cultural peculiarity.’
      • ‘Or can narrowness and peculiarity become a strength, at least in the hands of a great writer?’
      • ‘Each song seemed agonizingly slow; the lyrics disappeared behind both the tempo and stylistic peculiarity.’
      • ‘Other servants didn't seem to notice any peculiarity from them as they walked by casually.’
      • ‘Though unusual, it made her look stunningly beautiful in her peculiarity.’
      • ‘And thanks to the brilliance and peculiarity of the films thus far - the final one, Cremaster 3, debuts later this year - Barney's little boys are the hottest nuts in the art world.’
      • ‘Inevitably, the pace and peculiarity of urban growth was a major theme for Chinese video artists.’
      strangeness, peculiarness, oddness, bizarreness, weirdness, queerness, abnormality, unexpectedness, unfamiliarity, atypicality, anomalousness, curiosity, mystery, incongruity, uncommonness, irregularity, deviancy, aberrance, aberrancy, freakishness, suspiciousness, dubiousness, questionableness
      outlandishness, bizarreness, unconventionality, idiosyncrasy, weirdness, oddness, eccentricity, unusualness, abnormality, queerness, peculiarness, strangeness
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