Definition of pectoral muscle in English:

pectoral muscle


usually pectoral muscles
  • Each of the four large paired muscles that cover the front of the ribcage and serve to draw the forelimbs towards the chest.

    • ‘In response, she moved her hands up his shirt, over his chest, massaging his pectoral muscles.’
    • ‘Four years later, the tumor was noted to have increased in size and disseminated into the chest wall as a separate circumscribed mass located in the pectoral muscle.’
    • ‘At autopsy, there was an asymmetric chest wall with a mass protruding through the ribs and pectoral muscles on the left side.’
    • ‘Benches are followed by another pressing movement, then dumbbell flyes, to better isolate the pectoral muscles without involving the front delts and triceps.’
    • ‘A greater range of motion is also important for overcoming or balancing the usually more developed pectoral muscles.’
    • ‘She helped it over his head and smoothed the material over his broad pectoral muscles.’
    • ‘In contrast, the pectoral muscles are invested with high concentrations of red muscle fibers.’
    • ‘Lower your body at a moderate pace, focusing on the stretch across your pectoral muscles.’
    • ‘His pectoral muscles were massive and his abdominal muscles looked as if they were chiseled in stone.’
    • ‘For example, you might do consecutive sets of the chest press and seated row, first working the pectoral muscles in the front, and then the latissimus, rhomboids and trapezius in the back.’
    • ‘Now fitness isn't about large biceps and pectoral muscles, and pumping iron in your garage may not be the answer.’
    • ‘But, like the boys last year, they are definitely men who enjoy showing off their bodies and twitching their pectoral muscles for anyone willing to watch.’
    • ‘Choose which exercise below best targets the upper pectoral muscles, then use it in your chest routine.’
    • ‘After working on the bench many of our swimmers comment on how they are employing the pectoral muscles to a greater extent.’
    • ‘I have all my clients include them in their workouts because they have a unique effect in developing the pectoral muscles.’
    • ‘For some reason the camera can't seem to drag itself away from his pectoral muscles.’
    • ‘Relax the pectoral muscle and deepen the chest stretch by turning the body away from the arm for another count of 15 seconds.’
    • ‘These patients attributed their symptoms to axillary web syndrome or pain in the wound, axilla, or pectoral muscles.’
    • ‘He ripped off his own shirt, revealing perfect cosmetically implanted pectoral muscles, and waved it into the pool.’
    • ‘The stretches done on the ball are primarily for shoulder flexion, the chest and pectoral muscles, and the back.’