Definition of pectoral cross in English:

pectoral cross


Christian Church
  • A cross or crucifix worn on a long chain around the neck so that it rests on the chest, worn especially by bishops, abbots, and priests.

    • ‘On the same occasion, the pope gave Archbishop Carey a gold episcopal pectoral cross.’
    • ‘The marvelous shine of the costly fabric competed with the shimmer of the gold and the jewels of the pectoral crosses, the shoe buckles and the numerous rings.’
    • ‘But the stadium floodlights suddenly hit his pectoral cross, also made of large emeralds set in a frame of diamonds as it rested on his mantle of white ermine.’
    • ‘Younan was positioned toward the center of the group, and the pontiff must have been puzzled when he came upon this oddity, wearing a black frock and pectoral cross.’
    • ‘His 698 decorated coffin survives, in fragments, now displayed with his pectoral cross and some Anglo-Saxon gifts to his shrine in the cathedral.’