Definition of pectoral in English:



  • 1Relating to the breast or chest.

    ‘pectoral development’
    • ‘Display of its large pectoral and dorsal fins gives the impression of even greater size.’
    • ‘Gynecomastia is a condition in which firm breast tissue forms in males, causing an enlargement of the pectoral region to develop.’
    • ‘To illustrate the point, he tapped the left pectoral region of his chest with four fingers.’
    • ‘It involves removing the breast and the lymph nodes but leaving the pectoral chest muscles intact.’
    • ‘More specialized procedures such as buttock lifts and implants and pectoral implants are only performed by about 2% of surgeons.’
    • ‘In both living and fossil forms, the pectoral and pelvic fins are prominent characteristics of the locomotor anatomy.’
    • ‘It had pectoral and dorsal fins with fin-rays characteristic of fish.’
    • ‘If you train back all the time but never chest, you may be prone to shoulder and pectoral injuries because of the imbalance.’
    • ‘The fourth type of patient needs pectoral implants for treating injuries such as pectoral tears, which may leave defects and gaps if the repair of the muscle was not done soon after the injury.’
    • ‘There's the burly athlete whose pectoral development is matched only by his unyielding vanity.’
    • ‘He would then swim in very tight circles, rapidly vibrating his pectoral and caudal fins.’
    • ‘There are 11 dorsal spines and 17 pectoral rays that help to distinguish it from the closely related Amphiprion percula.’
    • ‘He had a small wound over the right pectoral area that was scabbed but not infected.’
    • ‘Cyprinodon diabolis has 17 pectoral rays, 12 dorsal rays and 28 caudal rays.’
    • ‘The electrode wires are tunnelled up the arm to a control box located under the skin in the pectoral region.’
    • ‘But then I'm not sure what to make of all the people who have cosmetic surgery - breast augmentation, cheek bone implants, pectoral implants, nose jobs.’
    • ‘The structures cover the head, neck, tail, and parts of both the pectoral and pelvic limbs.’
    • ‘While flat-bench presses hit the middle of the chest exceptionally well, for balanced pectoral development you want to focus on the upper and lower regions of your chest as well.’
    • ‘A high bank angle is characteristic of penguins and sea lions which also lack a dorsal fin and turn using elongate pectoral flippers.’
    • ‘The butterfly stretch is especially important in decreasing tightness in the pectoral region and the tricep stretch is beneficial to the axillary area.’
    1. 1.1 Worn on the chest.
      ‘a pectoral shield’


  • 1usually pectoralsA pectoral muscle.

    ‘an exercise that will help to develop the pectorals is the bench press’
    • ‘It was human in base construction, a platform for large, menacing pectorals and biceps.’
    • ‘On the third rep, he heard a loud pop, the sickening sound of one of his pectorals tearing, at least partially.’
    • ‘The fact that they are middle-aged men - the lines on their faces as chiseled as their biceps, triceps and pectorals - adds to the curiosity the images elicit.’
    • ‘Her gaze was transfixed by his square shoulders, his rounded pectorals and his flat stomach.’
    • ‘In addition to massing up the pectorals, the heavy breathing also encourages rib cage expansion.’
    • ‘For instance, I would guess that paddling utilizes the latissimus dorsi, triceps, front deltoids, and perhaps to a lesser extent, the pectorals?’
    • ‘These work your pectorals in conjunction with your front deltoids and triceps; other muscles act as stabilizers.’
    • ‘Lean too far forward and you'll pull your arms downward, which could minimize the muscular activation of the pectorals.’
    • ‘The incline press works the pectorals and deltoids; using dumbbells allows a full range of motion and develops the shoulder's rotator-cuff stabilizers.’
    • ‘Your cardiovascular system is composed of your heart, arteries etc, whilst your muscular system is made up of your biceps, pectorals, deltoids etc.’
    • ‘Other implants, for biceps and pectorals, for instance, and even penile augmentations, are also on the increase.’
    • ‘Primarily, it hits the pectorals and front delts.’
    • ‘He felt this offered constant tension on the pectorals, especially the outer pecs.’
    • ‘The contraction spreads up your forearms, through your biceps, triceps and shoulders, and explodes across your pectorals, rippling from outer to inner edge.’
    • ‘The boy's thin arms were tucked over his pectorals.’
    • ‘The overdevelopment of these adjacent muscles may make the pectorals appear even smaller and out of proportion with the rest of the body.’
    • ‘The combined training group also completed 4 strengthening exercises targeting the pectorals, latissimus dorsi, gluteals, and quadriceps for 45 minutes.’
    • ‘Bulging biceps, svelte calves and women-attracting pectorals may be just a few injections away.’
    • ‘Incline dumbbell presses develop the contours of the middle and upper pectorals.’
    • ‘Those are a body builder's pectorals and a linebacker's shoulders.’
    1. 1.1 A pectoral fin.
      • ‘All of the fins, except the pectorals, were small and placed posteriorly.’
      • ‘Namazu stood on his three prominent fins, the two pectorals and his caudal flippers.’
  • 2An ornamental breastplate.

    • ‘The pectoral is part of an exhibition which opened on March 30.’
    • ‘This wonderful piece, the pectoral, which is enough to cover a fairly large adult chest is so gorgeous it actually makes you want to cry.’


Late Middle English (in the sense ‘breastplate’): from Latin pectorale ‘breastplate’, pectoralis ‘of the breast’, from pectus, pector- ‘breast, chest’.