Definition of pech in English:



[no object]Northern English, Scottish, Irish
  • Breathe hard or with difficulty; pant.

    ‘by the time he reached the second floor, he was peching’
    • ‘As I peched along in his tweed-clad wake on a freezing cold day, I remembered the first time I clapped eyes on him.’
    • ‘Such a punishing schedule would have left much younger and fitter men peching in his wake, let alone a 63 year-old with a history of heart complaint.’
    • ‘The media, peching alongside her, lapped it up.’
    • ‘Mountains in Scotland are not noted for their eroticism - just ask those who pech their way up the Munros for their sins.’


  • A gasping or laboured breath; a pant.

    ‘a pech uphill takes us to the canal’
    • ‘He had been out for three games and, understandably, looked short of pace and pech.’