Definition of pec in English:



usually pecs
  • A pectoral muscle (especially with reference to the development of these muscles in bodybuilding)

    ‘Jenkins was pumping up his pecs to impress the babes’
    • ‘Contract your pecs to raise the weights up and along the same path.’
    • ‘Who in the heavens could match his pecs, his flawless jawline, his crystalline gaze?’
    • ‘His biceps and pecs were obviously well built, you know, unlike those scary bodybuilder types.’
    • ‘I want to thicken my back and improve the sweep of my quads and upper pecs, and I'll work on my triceps, too.’
    • ‘As soon as I feel my pecs stretch, there's no point in going any further.’
    • ‘The bench not only involves your pecs, but also your delts, your triceps, and even your lats.’
    • ‘My upper pecs do not stand out like my lower pecs, and I need to find a way to fill in the middle of my chest.’
    • ‘The great thing about working the pecs is that the shoulders and triceps get a workout, too!’
    • ‘If you pull at a higher level, you'll activate your anterior deltoids rather than isolate your pecs.’
    • ‘Press back up to full arm extension by concentrating on squeezing your pecs.’
    • ‘The venue was packed with babes in bikinis and muscle men flashing their pecs.’
    • ‘You expected him to lock his hands together, flex his pecs, and growl.’
    • ‘Developing the outer pecs to their max adds width and density to the whole pectoral region.’
    • ‘His tiny waist was the centerpiece of a torso that sprouted massive arms and pecs, and his leg development was ahead of its time.’
    • ‘Standing at six feet tall, with a broad chest, nice pecs, he maintains his body in perfect shape.’
    • ‘He felt this offered constant tension on the pectorals, especially the outer pecs.’
    • ‘Although it may not be the principal motivator, according to a recent survey, women look at men's pecs second only to their bum.’
    • ‘At that time, the fixed bar will remove the stress on the stabilizing muscles and allow you to better target your pecs.’
    • ‘One look at his bronze skin, sweet pecs, and alarmingly curvaceous legs, and the ladies are in hormone heaven.’
    • ‘Minutes earlier, the room was writhing with flexing quads and pumping pecs.’