Definition of peatland in English:



mass nounalso peatlands
  • Land consisting largely of peat or peat bogs.

    • ‘Mr Lobley will be helping to monitor how the thawing of vast peatlands is affecting the environment by releasing gases into the atmosphere.’
    • ‘Limestone, serpentine, and acidic rock types are extensive in western Newfoundland; peatlands, fens, and forest cover large areas.’
    • ‘Soggy peatlands, wetlands, or increased agriculture could all lead to increases in the carbon levels.’
    • ‘‘If other experts believe that this higher level of CO2 is propelling global warming, then of course tropical peatlands are part of that,’ he added.’
    • ‘Only a small proportion of Ireland's vast peatlands is still of conservation importance.’
    • ‘Preliminary calculations suggest peatland could become carbon generators if global temperatures continue to rise, drying out the peatlands.’
    • ‘But scientists and conservationists are just beginning to fully understand the role of peatlands in the environment.’
    • ‘Peat-free products are those which are not sourced from the natural peat bogs and peatlands.’
    • ‘Northern wetlands, especially peatlands, play a major role in global carbon cycles and climate change because they fix carbon from atmosphere in the biomass of the living vegetation.’
    • ‘The trees and peatlands of the vast northern boreal forest comprise one of the planet's largest carbon reservoirs.’
    • ‘These regions, in fact, did support widespread wetlands and/or peatlands in the historical past, which subsequently became filled in, ploughed over, and drained.’
    • ‘Much more work is needed to understand peat accumulation processes in permanently frozen peatlands.’
    • ‘These records considerably enhance the scientific and conservation value of peatlands, for it is only by understanding the recent past that we can evaluate fully the present environment.’
    • ‘Patterned fens are one of five morphologically distinct types of peatlands occurring in Maine.’
    • ‘She said the West Siberian Lowland indeed falls within a hot spot but added that whether thawing peatlands will accelerate global warming remains an open question.’
    • ‘Flooding by hydroelectric reservoirs is especially detrimental to permanently frozen peatlands because the overall permafrost regime is completely altered or obliterated.’
    • ‘While the 460 ft-high turbines will not infringe on the peatlands, there is concern that an extensive 104-mile road network criss-crossing the landscape will cause irreparable damage.’
    • ‘There was so much interest in peatlands during this period that a Canadian Peat Society was formed in 1911.’
    • ‘Where and how water is situated within wetlands, especially peatlands, is controlled by physical characteristics of the peat.’
    • ‘Several authors have observed increased species richness in forested vs. open peatlands, because of the higher degree of habitat heterogeneity offered by a forest.’