Definition of pease in English:


plural noun

  • Peas.

    • ‘The famous soup which Rumford devised for feeding the poor of Munich in the workhouse was ‘a soup composed of pearl barley, pease, potatoes, cuttings of fine wheaten bread, vinegar, salt, and water, in certain proportions’.’
    • ‘Her plate contained some slices of cold chicken, cold potatoes, and a dollop of pease.’
    • ‘In each bladder was a small quantity of dried pease or little pebbles (as I was afterwards informed).’
    • ‘Wheat and Indian corn had grown well; barley he described as ‘indifferently good’; but pease were ‘not worth the gathering.’’
    • ‘Instead their masters gave them half-a-dozen pints of coarse flour, rice, or pease, and half-a-dozen herrings.’


Old English pise ‘pea’, (plural) pisan, via Latin from Greek pison. Compare with pea.