Definition of pearl button in English:

pearl button


  • A button made of real or imitation mother-of-pearl.

    • ‘It was a light blue silk with small pearl buttons, but the buttons slipped effortlessly through the small holes.’
    • ‘She wore a white linen chambray shirt that buttoned in the front with pearl buttons.’
    • ‘Her skin was brown from the summer sun, and her blouse, green as the sea, had pearl buttons down the front.’
    • ‘She had changed her clothes and was now wearing a black silk shirt with pearl buttons, a pair of black silk pants, and a pair of black leather boots.’
    • ‘It has a tailored collar with top button loop, hemmed sleeves, matte pearl buttons, a double-layer back yoke with pleats, left chest pocket and a clean-finish hem with side vents.’
    • ‘The woman was also clothed elegantly, her dress embroidered fancily with posh threads, and boots with pearl buttons.’
    • ‘Almost immediately after the last pearl button on the bodice of Virginia's gown was buttoned, the doors to her bedroom burst open.’
    • ‘A white shirt with the small pearl buttons leading down to the ivory silk vest, and matching ivory bow tie.’
    • ‘Twisting lace vines snaked up the middle on both sides of the pearl buttons.’
    • ‘The bird's-eye collar and cuff has tipped detailing, three dyed-to-match pearl buttons, and a vented drop tail.’
    • ‘There are even stories of people pulling pearl buttons off the newcomers' shirts!’
    • ‘Use a pearl button for the center embellishment instead of the seed beads.’
    • ‘I unbuttoned the shirt, letting it fall ungracefully to the floor where each pearl button made a small ‘plink’ noise against the tiles.’
    • ‘She was wearing a green dress today, green with pearl buttons.’
    • ‘He was dressed in a black tuxedo with a silver shirt that had pearl buttons.’
    • ‘Kirby buttoned each wrist while Nancy carefully buttoned each delicate pearl button going down her back.’
    • ‘She was wearing an angora sweater with little pearl buttons mostly undone, to show off her navel ring and a wide swathe of cleavage.’
    • ‘A pearl button that fell off a dress and rolled under a bed.’
    • ‘Reaching for the small pearl buttons adorning the front of her dress, David continued.’
    • ‘She chose a dark green working gown that buttoned from the neck line all the way to the hem in pearl buttons.’