Definition of pear drop in English:

pear drop


  • A small boiled sweet in the shape of a pear, with a pungently sweet flavour.

    • ‘It is luxuriously rich and fruity, the aftertaste reminiscent of pear drops.’
    • ‘Pineapple cubes, lemon sherberts, pear drops and rhubarb & custards were some of my favourites.’
    • ‘Evocative sweetshop aromas supported by caramel and pear drops give way to a dry, citrus finish.’
    • ‘He has an impressive array of sweet jars, including aniseed balls, pear drops, and Spanish, honey and butter toffee.’
    • ‘Yes, I could just stick to one or two I like, but frankly, that feels like going to the world's biggest sweet shop and only asking for a small bag of pear drops.’