Definition of peak-to-peak in English:


adjective & adverb

  • Measured between the greatest peaks of a periodically varying quantity.

    as adjective ‘earnings growth on a peak-to-peak basis was still seven per cent’
    as adverb ‘the apparatus delivers pulses of 750 volts peak-to-peak’
    • ‘The reverse polarity creates a peak current about twice as high as the six amps of coil current on the primary side, and a higher peak-to-peak current on the secondary side.’
    • ‘For admittance measurements three 30-mV peak-to-peak sinewaves were applied.’
    • ‘Simultaneously, pulse pressure and peak-to-peak interval are recorded and stored.’
    • ‘During the force measurements, the cantilever was oscillated at a frequency of 3 kHz with free peak-to-peak amplitudes between 6 and 9 nm.’
    • ‘A natural method for calculation of average membrane thickness is the peak-to-peak separation of an electron density profile, as the peaks represent the location of electron-rich phosphocholine groups.’
    • ‘An interesting feature of Figure 16a is the modest increase in the peak-to-peak productivity growth rate after 1992: 4: from 1.49 to 1.82 percent.’
    • ‘But in the 1990s, S&P earnings growth on a peak-to-peak basis, and on a trough-to-trough basis was still seven percent, its prior long-term trend.’
    • ‘The profiles were not normalized to the absolute scale, but they gave the correct peak-to-peak distances, since the latter are independent of normalization.’
    • ‘Baseline wander was defined as the peak-to-peak amplitude of the estimated baseline during the 10-second recording.’
    • ‘Peak latencies and peak-to-peak amplitudes were measured in the peripheral and central nervous system.’
    • ‘The most important variable affecting the ultrasonic process is vibrational amplitude, the peak-to-peak displacement, or excursion, of the horn.’
    • ‘A pronounced notch with a peak-to-peak interval of > 1 mm is usually pathological, and is seen in association with a left atrial abnormality for example, in mitral stenosis.’