Definition of peahen in English:



  • A female peafowl, which has drabber colours and a shorter tail than the male.

    • ‘If female peacocks are peahens, shouldn't female cockroaches be henroaches?’
    • ‘One of the two male birds living in the gardens was recently found dead and a peahen and a chick, which were in the gardens last year, have moved away, leaving the solitary male.’
    • ‘And we have a peahen that he caught last week.’
    • ‘Peacocks, and peahen's eggs, were likewise in demand for their rarity more than their quality.’
    • ‘She added something should be done to protect the remaining bird, and offered any help necessary to ensure a future for peacocks and peahens in the gardens.’
    • ‘They investigated this preference further and demonstrated that these two cues provide peahens with information about male health.’
    • ‘Over 12 miles of rope will be attached to 1,800 stakes to fence in spectators along with 900 crash barriers to ensure wild birds like the peahen and peacock are unharmed.’
    • ‘But their future was in doubt after 2001 when a peahen and a chick left the gardens, and one of the two remaining males died.’
    • ‘Getting so close to nature can be unnerving, though, particularly if your bedroom overlooks the walled garden - home of the peacock and peahen.’
    • ‘The extravagant plumage of peacocks contrasts with the drabness of peahens.’
    • ‘It was Charles Darwin who first noted that it is the choosy peahen who plays a crucial role in the evolution of this extravagant sexual display.’
    • ‘The peahen chooses to mate with the male that will most likely produce strong, healthy offspring.’
    • ‘I inquired of an expert whether a couple of peahens might be a good idea.’
    • ‘The peahen is also a beautiful bird, more subdued - some might say more elegant - in appearance.’
    • ‘She has several cats and a dog who has adopted her but our greatest delight was discovering her pet peacock and peahens!’
    • ‘It should be noted that a peacock is a male peafowl and a peahen is a female peafowl.’
    • ‘He said that to be happy a peacock needed a harem of six peahens - so sustaining two peacocks in the gardens would need a total population of 14 to 15.’
    • ‘Probably for the first time ever, a peacock and peahen were sighted in a field adjacent to the wood in Gorterslin.’
    • ‘He claimed the dog was shot as she went for a peahen after being suspected of savaging one peacock and traumatising another.’
    • ‘The peacock, together with a peahen, flew into Peasehill Close last July and quickly took to roosting on the tops of greenhouses and garages.’