Definition of peach fuzz in English:

peach fuzz


mass nounNorth American
  • The down on the chin of an adolescent boy whose beard has not yet developed.

    • ‘Suddenly he noticed the face, the plump cheeks and peach fuzz.’
    • ‘He was a pimply teenager with peach fuzz on his upper lip.’
    • ‘Facial hair can look cool at times but peach fuzz, on the other hand, looks like you forget to clean your mouth after breakfast.’
    • ‘Well, it started out as a genetic mutation without any hair, or with just that real fine peach fuzz that feels kind of like velvet.’
    • ‘Randy was bigger than Tom and was real strong from bailing hay, shoveling manure, and all his other chores, but he had thick curly blond hair and a baby face that hadn't started growing anything but blonde peach fuzz.’
    • ‘He had those horn-rimmed glasses on him and black peach fuzz on his upper lip and hair that was curly, but was so short it was like he was bald.’
    • ‘In addition to my long, uncombed light-brown hair, I had a mild case of acne, which looked considerably worse for being surrounded by an uneven growth of peach fuzz.’
    • ‘We won't discuss the fact that Santa appeared to be 17 and incapable of growing peach fuzz, much less a full, snowy white beard.’
    • ‘She had a light covering of hair, almost like peach fuzz.’
    • ‘He rubbed his chin, feeling the peach fuzz that was slowly becoming real facial hair.’
    • ‘But sadly, no beard, no moustache, not so much as a soul patch… just barely a hint of peach fuzz that would suggest I needed to stand closer to my razor.’
    • ‘Joe Cobol knew Bolton before the mustache, before peach fuzz, even, when they were both enrolled in Maryland's prestigious McDonough School in the mid-1960s, then an all-boys military academy.’