Definition of peace officer in English:

peace officer


North American
  • A civil officer appointed to preserve law and order, such as a sheriff or police officer.

    • ‘Magistrates and peace officers covet these symbols of authority and wear them with pride, even when they have become ragged and threadbare with age.’
    • ‘The unmarked peace officer vehicle was recovered without its siren and red-and-blue police lights.’
    • ‘Section 254, as I have said, does not extend the scope of the reasonable suspicion of the peace officer this far.’
    • ‘The section formerly empowered a peace officer to arrest a person who the officer ‘on reasonable and probable grounds’ believed had committed an indictable offence.’
    • ‘A citizen making such an arrest is obliged to deliver the person to a peace officer immediately.’
    • ‘My view is that a woman joins the force as a peace officer in the same way that a man does.’
    • ‘If the Department of Justice is so lenient in such a serious case, especially where the victim is a peace officer, we have lost the battle against crime.’
    • ‘In the attack last week, a local peace officer was killed and scores of houses were looted.’
    • ‘He stated that a peace officer's duty was to protect and serve.’
    • ‘In addition to robbing a bank, you also tried to murder a peace officer.’
    • ‘We have deployed soldiers, not peace officers.’
    • ‘Anyone would be subject to arrest if a peace officer believed that they will carry out a terrorist activity.’
    • ‘As a former peace officer I have a lot of experience dealing with this sort of thing.’
    • ‘The provincial court judge thus confirms the existence of the reasonable grounds which led the peace officer to launch the application.’
    • ‘He's been charged with obstructing a peace officer and assaulting a police officer.’
    • ‘He had begun his involvement with the village court as a peace officer, delivering summonses and acting as an executive servant of the magistrates.’
    • ‘They're a relic from the heyday of the revolver as the peace officer's handgun.’
    • ‘Every sworn peace officer who flies from place to place in the U.S. is armed on the flight.’
    • ‘A licensed peace officer, he passed the academy in his spare time, paying the instructor to tutor him on weekends.’
    • ‘The statute concludes: ‘Any person so detained shall identify himself, but may not be compelled to answer any other inquiry of any peace officer.’’
    police officer, policeman, policewoman, pc, wpc, officer of the law, detective, dc
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