Definition of peace offering in English:

peace offering


  • 1A propitiatory or conciliatory gift.

    ‘he took the flowers to Jean as a peace offering’
    • ‘I took the gesture as a temporary peace offering.’
    • ‘A bank has offered two of its customers a £100 peace offering after admitting being slow in dealing with a fraud case.’
    • ‘Kat walked over to Lynn with a can of beer as a peace offering.’
    • ‘I'm aware that my replacement has already been selected, and I think a little peace offering can be made.’
    • ‘‘I brought a peace offering,’ he said, and he sounded so boyishly hopeful when he extended the pan, I laughed.’
    • ‘One beautifully sunny Saturday afternoon, she suggested a trip to the beach: a peace offering, a chance to work things out.’
    • ‘I also took the ripest apples from the trees before setting off to the library with my peace offering.’
    • ‘This peace offering was not appreciated, and the clothing was dropped on the ground.’
    • ‘He then, very carefully, held the puppy before him like a peace offering.’
    • ‘‘I, uh, brought you a peace offering,’ he told her in a soft voice.’
    • ‘The couple have since been promised a bottle of wine as a peace offering and have been promised that members of staff will be spoken to.’
    • ‘Still, I noted that our ground crew made a point of toting a bottle of champagne around, in case a peace offering was in order.’
    • ‘No, the flowers are a gift and a peace offering.’
    • ‘Maybe a peace offering to the Queen, so she'll like you!’
    • ‘So here I have to be fair, maybe these oregano flakes were meant to be a peace offering.’
    • ‘There was talk that this million-pound jewel may be the biggest peace offering ever made by a man to a woman.’
    • ‘No seriously, I want to offer you a peace offering.’
    • ‘It was a peace offering, and as we ate, I began to realize that he wasn't enjoying my company any more than I was enjoying his.’
    • ‘I reached back and accepted the peace offering from Luke.’
    • ‘It was the best peace offering I could make, an oblique apology for the awkwardness resulting from Thanksgiving.’
    conciliation, placation, pacification, propitiation, palliation, allaying, reconciliation
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  • 2(in biblical use) an offering presented as a thanksgiving to God.

    • ‘As he takes out his dagger to do God's will by sacrificing his son as a peace offering to God, just then out comes a lamb.’
    • ‘The peace offering was an offering that established and celebrated fellowship between God and His people.’
    • ‘To understand something of the intense, elevating experience that bringing an offering must have been, let's take a look at a typical offering: the peace offering.’
    • ‘A peace offering involved the kidneys of a cow, lamb or goat.’
    sacrifice, oblation, burnt offering, thank-offering, immolation, libation, first fruits, tribute, dedication
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peace offering