Definition of pea-souper in English:



  • A very thick yellowish fog.

    ‘he was alone in one of London's infamous pea-soupers’
    • ‘Since the introduction of cleaner fuels, killer pea-soupers have been consigned to the past.’
    • ‘Not only that, it began in a pea-souper of a fog, caused by the smoke from the pre-match fireworks.’
    • ‘The prevalence of pea-soupers, as they were known, was one of the reasons that London came to be known as The Smoke.’
    • ‘I posted earlier about there being a pea-souper outside today.’
    • ‘The forecaster said the reason for the pea-souper was a combination of low hanging cloud, substantial amounts of of ground water and still nights.’
    • ‘A perpetual pea-souper reduces vision to a few feet.’
    • ‘The warm Easter weather last week resulted in a thick pea-souper one morning.’
    • ‘St Mary Le Strand is small and filthy on the outside from centuries of pea-soupers, coal dust and modern day pollution.’
    • ‘I arrived a bit late due to a pea-souper in London airport on the way through.’
    mist, mistiness, fogginess, haar, smog, murk, murkiness, haze, haziness, gloom, gloominess
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