Definition of payslip in English:



  • A note given to an employee when they have been paid, detailing the amount of pay given, and the tax and insurance deducted.

    • ‘The immigration officials require payslips and proof of work.’
    • ‘First there's the office, otherwise known as the bedroom floor, where all bills, mortgage statements and payslips can be placed.’
    • ‘Most institutions will accept a photocopy of a payslip, a P60 or a letter from your employer with your PPSN number on it.’
    • ‘A senior official, at this late hour, demanded our past month's payslips stating that we receive pensions at this paypoint.’
    • ‘I found something that looked like a payslip for one of my neighbours.’
    • ‘Next, gather together all your latest statements, bills, receipts and payslips and then create a Statement of Affairs.’
    • ‘Many employers operate group schemes and deduct the contribution from the employee's payslip.’
    • ‘The paperwork was difficult and filled with value judgements - how long do you need to keep payslips for a job you left four years ago?’
    • ‘The Claimant's payslips referred to his ‘total gross pay to date’.’
    • ‘You simply put in any adjustments such as overtime or commission, then push a couple of buttons, and a payslip with the correct net amount is produced.’
    • ‘I've sent every document you can think of - payslips, my old passport, tax forms, employers' letters.’
    • ‘Even better, it allows me to look at all of my past payslips and my pension payments.’
    • ‘During the 1977 strike, firemen recall the police waving their overtime payslips in front of the picket lines.’
    • ‘These extra pension payments are easy to arrange, as the money is taken directly from your pay and will appear on your payslip.’
    • ‘Letters have just gone out with our payslips informing us of our annual pay increase.’
    • ‘They will see a new employers' name on their payslips and a new name on headed notepaper and signage around buildings.’
    • ‘I'm not great at looking at my own payslips or personal bank statements, but none the less I am not reckless with my money.’
    • ‘Her mother knows how much Grace earns because she opened her first payslip to find out.’
    • ‘Payroll software must allow employers to print the employees' payslips on customised forms or on A4 paper.’
    • ‘Problems include overpayments, underpayments and incorrect bank account details appearing on payslips.’