Definition of paymaster in English:



  • 1A person or organization that pays another to do something and therefore controls them.

    ‘both political parties were beholden to their corporate paymasters’
    • ‘Rectors and directors of education will face up neither to these parents nor their political paymasters.’
    • ‘I am being paid to write these words, but my paymasters would prefer a conclusion I am not likely to come to.’
    • ‘The rest were suited and booted, meeting the corporate paymasters and generally celebrating.’
    • ‘Their paymasters there are clearly totally out of tune with the UK public on these issues.’
    • ‘His annual pay cheque, from his many paymasters, thought to be in excess of €750,000, reflects this diverse range of talents.’
    • ‘Owners would have the option of making the payment in the traditional way by sending a letter to the paymaster.’
    • ‘Today, fealty to corporate paymasters is the driving force.’
    • ‘Private security guards will be accountable to commercially driven paymasters.’
    • ‘If you can't kill the messenger, you might as well go after the paymaster.’
    • ‘Responsible behaviour, in the view of many hospital administrators, is that which does not upset the paymasters.’
    • ‘Nigerians are obliged to obey their paymasters.’
    • ‘These are the people who get their hands dirty on policy details, and can deliver the goodies to the corporate paymasters.’
    • ‘Now I am not inviting any trade unions to become our paymasters.’
    • ‘The point is that the paymasters intend to reward bloggers who configure web applications in a way that favours the commercial client.’
    • ‘The survey allegedly takes only four minutes to complete, and it provides people like my corporate paymasters with invaluable information.’
    • ‘The public, the ultimate paymasters, have seen what Edinburgh can achieve and expect them to add league status to last season's cup exploits.’
    • ‘Horror stories have been cited of unfortunate junior doctors being forced to work entire weekends on their own with no sleep or food by slave-driver health board paymasters.’
    • ‘It has been said that the bulk of Mozart's sacred music - he composed nearly 20 Masses alone - was written mostly to please paymasters.’
    • ‘In any event, the Irish Rugby Football Union paymasters have taken a conscious decision to facilitate and develop Irish-based players as much as possible.’
    • ‘One doesn't expect Iraq's new colonial administrators to make things difficult for their paymasters, guarantors and securitors.’
  • 2An official who pays troops or workers.

    • ‘Minor German states, meanwhile, were more prepared than ever to hire out troops to paymasters in London.’
    • ‘So too, then, should their hosts, paymasters, and commanders: the leaders of these rogue states.’
    • ‘The military still had not released names but said the four included a Republican Guard corps-level chief of staff, a guard division commander and a paymaster for the militia.’
    • ‘Some retired Gurkhas have claimed that despite their renowned contributions in Britain's military exploits they have been treated unfairly by their paymasters.’
    • ‘There must be a change of attitude in the paymasters so they can see the morality of honouring contracts and doing justice to those persons rendering services to the people.’
    • ‘The workers have also seen through the game plan of their paymasters who have reduced them to the state of a mercantile product.’
    • ‘In that case the paymaster of a military corps credited an officer's account with money to which he was not entitled.’
    • ‘This has been a common occurrence throughout history - military parades were originally designed to prove to the paymasters that the troops actually existed and were properly equipped.’
    • ‘It has resulted in the capture of 175 targets, including 46 bomb-makers and six paymasters.’
    • ‘From 1862 through 1865 he served as a paymaster on a Union navy gunboat that traversed the bayous and rivers of southern Louisiana.’
    • ‘Initially, most Afghan warlords regarded the Special Forces merely as paymasters, and were reluctant to let them go to the front lest they be injured or killed.’
    1. 2.1British The minister at the head of the Treasury department responsible for payments.
      • ‘The National Association of Citizens' Advice Bureaux has written to the Paymaster General asking for action to protect the victims.’
      • ‘Yet as Paymaster General she has presided over some of the most draconian taxation legislation in centuries.’
      • ‘The Paymaster General said: ‘Some people have been experiencing genuine difficulties with the start of the new system.’’
      • ‘‘We believe that the Revenue and Paymaster General have a clear duty to pursue vigorously a compensation claim from EDS,’ the committee said.’
      • ‘She was the superintendent of the typing pool at the Paymaster General's office.’