Definition of payer in English:



  • A person or organization that gives someone money that is due for work done, goods received, or a debt incurred.

    ‘the industry is one of the biggest payers of corporation tax’
    ‘licence payers’
    • ‘The third type of payer would pay you, if they could, but they can't.’
    • ‘In reality, the indebtedness of the payer of the amount remitted is substituted by a debt incurred by the bank.’
    • ‘These corrupt payments were made by the payers with the intention of securing some, as yet unidentified, benefit.’
    • ‘A few late payers can seriously slow down your business.’
    • ‘Such payers trace a new route of accountability, from provider agents back to insurance plan principals.’
    • ‘Payers, including health insurers and governments, are trying to rein in healthcare costs, and pharmaceuticals are a prime target.’
    • ‘The company turned out to be a slow payer, causing his outstanding fees to grow.’
    • ‘Cosmetic services are typically not covered by third-party payers.’
    • ‘Each cheque requires a payee as well as a payer.’
    • ‘Your files show who you're borrowing money from and whether you're a good or bad payer.’