Definition of payable in English:



  • 1(of money) required to be paid; due.

    ‘interest is payable on the money owing’
    • ‘No gift or inheritance tax is payable between spouses.’
    • ‘The classes will cost E25 and this fee is payable on registration.’
    • ‘A pension lump sum is payable to the estate, and therefore can be paid to a cohabitee named in the deceased's will.’
    • ‘Make your check payable to the charity, not the person taking up the collection.’
    • ‘My understanding is that all these taxes are payable when I sell the fund.’
    • ‘In either case, an additional lump sum is also payable.’
    • ‘As well as that, the advance premium is payable at the rate of 60%.’
    • ‘Half of the contractual price was payable upon signing the sale contract, with the remainder due within the ensuing 20 days.’
    • ‘And the manager's fees are payable in advance, is that right?’
    • ‘Interest payments are payable to the bondholders each year in March, June, September and December.’
    • ‘It is common ground that under the written agreement in draft and as executed, rent was payable, by implication of law, annually in arrear.’
    • ‘As a result, no annual membership renewal fees are payable.’
    • ‘There is no tax relief on contributions but no tax is payable on receiving the lump sum.’
    • ‘The money was payable as a lump sum, quantified in advance, when it could not be foreseen what damages might have to be paid in the event of an accident.’
    • ‘Also, would we have to file a tax return in France even if tax is not payable?’
    • ‘As a general rule in English law, there is no need to give notice if a sum of money is payable on a particular day.’
    • ‘Classes will be held for three months and sessions are €9 per child - fees are payable at the beginning of each month.’
    • ‘If Gus closes or sells the business or subleases the space to another business, the loan is due and payable in full.’
    • ‘Before January 1 this year tax was payable annually on income and gains earned in the fund at the standard rate of income tax.’
    • ‘If the claim is not accepted by the company's panel of solicitors, no fee is payable.’
    due, to be paid, owed, owing
    outstanding, unpaid, unsettled, receivable, overdue, undischarged, in arrears, in the red
    delinquent, past due
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  • 2Able to be paid.

    ‘it costs just $195, payable in five monthly instalments’


  • Debts owed by a business; liabilities.

    ‘accounts payable (excluding customer refunds and construction payables)’
    • ‘Cash in the bank fell from $2.4 million to $1.6 million over the year but current payables leapt from $582,000 to $2 million.’
    • ‘The accounting system was thus primarily focused on the need to keep track of payables and receivables, including exchanges between third parties.’
    • ‘Total funds owed to members included member payables and other liabilities owed to patrons.’
    • ‘He booked big receivables from customers who, strangely, didn't book matching payables.’
    • ‘We were paying yesterday's bills with next week's income, and holding off payables as long as possible.’
    • ‘If your customer and supplier contact details were suddenly gone and all record of your payables and receivables was lost, it could put you out of business.’
    • ‘Ella, who started in the stores department moved through the ranks as a cost controller, payables clerk and general accountant.’
    • ‘The secretarial, payroll, payables and receivables employees are typically nonexempt.’
    • ‘The payment is equal to the market value, which is lower than the income tax payable on the share option gain.’
    • ‘It covers everything from payables to receivables to inventory to revenue to everything else on the P&L side.’
    • ‘Compliance involves examining a set of key accounts including payroll, financial reporting, purchasing, payables and billing.’
    • ‘Companies that trade outside the eurozone hedge their payables and receivables through the forward foreign exchange markets.’
    • ‘You also need to know on a daily basis what's happening with inventories, sales contacts, invoicing, payables, receivables, collections and correspondence.’
    • ‘Get back to basics like inventory control, receivables, payables, and cash flow - all of those boring things that people have nearly forgotten about in the new economy.’
    • ‘Another selling point is the company's current $310,000 in accounts receivable (with payables of about $130,000).’
    • ‘Monitoring slow-paying accounts and adopting timely billing practices are just two ways you can help unclog your payables.’
    • ‘Current liabilities fell 6 percent, due to decreasing amounts of short-term debt along with other accrued payables.’
    • ‘If you minimize your working capital - that is, the amount tied up in receivables, payables, and inventory - you maximize your cash flow.’
    • ‘Improving cash flow involves many techniques, the simplest of which is managing payables / receivables.’
    • ‘Important clues are also certainly found on the liability side, with unusual increases in account payables or increased debt levels.’