Definition of pay its (or one's) way in English:

pay its (or one's) way


  • (of an enterprise or person) earn enough to cover its or one's costs.

    ‘some students are paying their way through college’
    • ‘This had to be done because so few people were paying their way.’
    • ‘I'm quite content with the knowledge that I'm paying my way through school and living comfortably.’
    • ‘The 31-year-old student of international relations is paying his way through grad school and doesn't have enough money left over for health insurance.’
    • ‘Aren't you as capable as him of earning a wage and paying your way?’
    • ‘Some of the guards are students, paying their way through college, but it's a job no one really wants.’
    • ‘I don't object when some law school pays my way to a symposium, though I suppose I could view it as their self-promotion.’
    • ‘Are you paying your way through college, perhaps?’
    • ‘We have no difficulty in paying our way and are not trying to freeload the system.’
    • ‘Universities want returns, and so do the students willing to pay their way.’
    • ‘I made considerably more at my last job, but I make enough to live on and to pay my way through school.’