Definition of pay channel in English:

pay channel


  • A television channel for which viewers pay a subscription fee additional to that already paid for the basic provision of a cable or satellite television service.

    • ‘The pay channels were switched off yesterday, and only the free-to-air channels were still broadcasting today.’
    • ‘The charges should be calculated in terms of the number of pay channels and free-to-air channels made available.’
    • ‘The viewership patterns have much implications for the advertisement revenues that pay channels generate.’
    • ‘To the Manhattanite, a single cover story in a local magazine about a show on the second-place pay channel means that lesbian chic is somehow hot again.’
    • ‘Popularly known as the Conditional Access System Act, the legislature sought to make the cable TV scenario more transparent to the subscriber in the pay channel era.’
    • ‘Most premium and satellite customers would rather watch movies on their pay channels.’
    • ‘Two pay channels are available for $9.95 each.’
    • ‘While viewers will be able to tune in to the channel free for a short period now, it in reality is a pay channel.’
    • ‘It was not a session conducted in ideal circumstances as New Zealand's pay channel Sky Sports spent the afternoon setting up cameras for today's match.’
    • ‘‘It was a pay channel at one time, and they moved it to basic,’ he says.’
    • ‘They may lose subscribers to pay channels because viewing these will become much more expensive for the average consumer.’
    • ‘This is a pay channel, sort of akin to what an HBO would be.’
    • ‘A decoder box fitted to the television set would deliver 200 or more pay channels.’
    • ‘The channel, which comes with the tag of being the first Telugu pay channel, says it is ready with a whole lot of programming aimed at complete entertainment.’
    • ‘This, he felt, was in retaliation for his network offering all the channels - including pay channels - to subscribers at Rs.70.’
    • ‘The pay channels were switched off at 7am today, and only the free-to-air channels were still broadcasting.’
    • ‘She'll be at the center of a $1 million ad campaign that launches this spring, aiming to give the pay channels an ‘erotic chic’ makeover.’
    • ‘Others say, who needs taxpayer-supported public television now that we have all those commercial and pay channels?’
    • ‘These operators faced problems in collecting subscription money, whenever there was a hike, owing to the higher charges prescribed by the pay channels.’
    • ‘Although a denomination-dedicated pay channel would be a new twist, other basic cable channels continue to reach out for viewers with spiritual programming.’


pay channel