Definition of pay cable in English:

pay cable


mass nounUS
  • A cable television service available on a subscription basis.

    • ‘Let's hope this move doesn't start a trend in pay cable.’
    • ‘In their quality and in their tonality, they will help us position ourselves in a place between basic cable and pay cable.’
    • ‘Deals with Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, pay cable, broadcast television and other ancillaries are also tied to theatrical release.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, on cable and satellite, there are more channels than ever, as the major pay cable companies have multiplexed into four or five or six services.’
    • ‘What many people remember about this show (either from its first run, numerous replays or abridged pay cable versions) is the acting.’
    • ‘And since the show originally ran on pay cable, most people have not had a chance to warm up to it.’
    • ‘Certainly, as a basic cable channel, they have responsibilities different than I do as a pay cable channel.’
    • ‘When pay cable network HBO was created, it was merely used as a channel to show unedited movies on television long before they would hit network television in their watered-down versions.’
    • ‘Newer pay-per-view films on the sites show up ahead of pay cable releases.’
    • ‘If you can afford it, you can build a media world around pay cable.’
    • ‘But the most clear example of it is on pay cable, where the promos for movies on HBO and Showtime tend to hit just the right notes for films.’
    • ‘I taped it when it was on a pay cable station.’
    • ‘‘Traditionally, that is where pay cable TV has had its strength,’ he says.’
    • ‘One of the Best Picture nominees is not only out of theaters and in video stores, but premiered on pay cable services in the last week.’