Definition of pave the way for in English:

pave the way for


  • Create the circumstances to enable (something) to happen or be done.

    ‘the proposals will pave the way for a resolution to the problem’
    • ‘The new framework would also pave the way for locally negotiated deals, something union members strongly oppose.’
    • ‘It runs from Tuesday to Saturday and paves the way for more top shows throughout the summer.’
    • ‘It was only a symbolic victory, of course, but it paved the way for more abstract human thought.’
    • ‘The success of the long boat construction had paved the way for further historical maritime projects.’
    • ‘These will pave the way for more domestic participants in the retail sector.’
    • ‘The paper also paves the way for more Community Support Officers.’
    • ‘The partnership will pave the way for more performances by world-class dancers in the town.’
    • ‘So does he think this project might pave the way for slightly offbeat buildings elsewhere in the city centre?’
    • ‘Depending on circumstances this shift paves the way for a totally market focused system of agriculture.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, because it is cheap, it is paving the way for more and for worse.’
    prepare for, prepare the way for, clear the way for, open the way for, make preparations for, make provision for, get ready for, lay the foundations for, do the groundwork for, work round to, work up to, approach the subject of, introduce the subject of, put things in order for, set the scene for, smooth the path of, usher in, herald, show in, harbinger, precede, be the forerunner of, be the precursor of
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