Definition of pav in English:



NZ, Australian
  • A dessert consisting of a meringue base or shell topped or filled with whipped cream and fruit; a pavlova.

    ‘he brought along the most incredible pav for dessert’
    • ‘Whether you go traditionalist with a pav or cheesecake, or whether you pair them with basil, or cheese, or balsamic vinegar, or pepper, I reckon strawberries are always a warm welcome to summer days and al fresco dining.’
    • ‘While our Christmas menu includes turkey, ham, trifle and pav, it also incorporates the dishes that link back to our Croatian heritage.’
    • ‘The sad little crowd last Sunday was mostly made up of defeated-looking nannas who could whip up a pav at the drop of a crochet hook.’
    • ‘After stuffing our gizzards with mini pavs, scones with jam and whipped cream and brandy snap baskets filled with berries and ice cream we're all finding it easier to roll ourselves around the house.’
    • ‘The Australians created a traditional Australian pav topped with tropical fruits, while the Kiwis took inspiration from a pav served at Christmas.’
    • ‘Go on, make yourself a pav - your waistline won't thank you but your tastebuds will.’
    • ‘At just 15-years-old, the high school student won the adult categrory with a traditional pav topped with seasonal fresh berries and cream.’
    • ‘They could even do a segment on how to cook the perfect pav!’
    • ‘Put the pav into the oven and turn down to 125C.’
    • ‘No kiwi cook could be whole without knowing how to whip up a tasty pav.’
    • ‘We don't get married like we used to, with the stock ceremony, stock frock, and a few drunken speeches before tucking into the passionfruit-topped pav.’
    • ‘We made a pav last month, it just didn't taste the same.’
    • ‘Honouring the messages from your body is more important than pleasing Aunty Petunia with an extra slice of pav.’


1960s: abbreviation of pavlova.