Definition of Pauline in English:



Christian Theology
  • 1Relating to or characteristic of St Paul, his writings, or his doctrines.

    ‘the Pauline Epistles’
    • ‘How many Pauline epistles did Paul really write?’
    • ‘Two parts of the existing Pauline correspondence, Galatians 2-4 and Romans 3-4, are dominated by this concept.’
    • ‘It is not erroneous, as he claims, to believe that the Gospels reflect a Pauline theologizing of the original Jesus message.’
    • ‘It is worthwhile to remember that Luther's favorite book of the Bible was not a Pauline epistle, but the Gospel of John.’
    • ‘Against conventional Pauline study, he returns to Augustine as a Pauline interpreter.’
    1. 1.1 (in the Roman Catholic Church) relating to Pope Paul VI, or the liturgical and doctrinal reforms pursued during his pontificate (1963–78) as a result of the Second Vatican Council.
      ‘Ratzinger's embrace of Gamber was dissent on the Pauline reform’