Definition of patwari in English:


nounPlural patwaris

  • A government official who keeps records regarding the ownership of land.

    • ‘He told this correspondent that kanungos and patwaris had been asked by the Revenue Department to vacate encroachments.’
    • ‘The interference in day-to-day administration filtered down to postings of even police constables, patwaris and other low level employees.’
    • ‘Specimens of the Baboo culture in India - from the patwari to the deputy collector and the honorary magistrate - are comic both in their servility to their white superiors and their arrogance towards the common people.’
    • ‘This includes computerising land records so that farmers can secure title-documents without having to grovel before the local patwari (the government land-record keeper).’


From Hindi paṭwārī, from Sanskrit paṭṭa ‘document’ + pāla ‘keeper’.