Definition of pattern baldness in English:

pattern baldness


mass noun
  • Genetically determined baldness in which hair is gradually lost according to a characteristic pattern.

    ‘male pattern baldness is the most common form of hair loss in men’
    • ‘In male pattern baldness, which is hereditary, the hair is usually lost at the temples and the crown.’
    • ‘And despite its name, male pattern baldness commonly affects women as well.’
    • ‘Males are more susceptible to genetic diseases such as Hemophilia, color blindness, male pattern baldness, and even being left handed.’
    • ‘Other symptoms include male pattern baldness, thinning hair, acne, oily skin, and infertility.’
    • ‘And the classic male pattern baldness is definitely less marked.’
    • ‘I have male pattern baldness, and shave off the hair I have left every few days.’
    • ‘He keeps his hair cut very short, which accentuates the male pattern baldness he refuses to acknowledge he has.’
    • ‘The neocons are convinced that everything from the rise of terrorism to male pattern baldness is the result of looking weak.’
    • ‘For ladies, it may block some of the female hormones, so they may experience symptoms such as male pattern baldness.’
    • ‘High testosterone levels inhibit hair growth in human males and leads to male pattern baldness.’
    • ‘Also, how many males will want their offspring to suffer male pattern baldness?’
    • ‘Now male pattern baldness, once unavoidable, is optional.’
    • ‘Male pattern baldness is a genetic condition which affects millions of men.’
    • ‘They're not at the crown, where male pattern baldness starts, but instead down on the side a bit.’
    • ‘I figure the next thing that'll happen is male pattern baldness, or perhaps one of my less-frequently-used fingers will fall off.’
    • ‘On top of that, you may not be experiencing true male pattern baldness, which is the only type of hair loss these drugs treat.’
    • ‘Consequently there are many forms of ‘treatment’ for male pattern baldness, and the range is quite extensive.’
    • ‘Surveys show that 1.5 percent of men experience male pattern baldness.’
    • ‘Do they have problems with male pattern baldness?’
    • ‘Testosterone may boost libido, but it can have side effects such as acne, prostate enlargement and male pattern baldness.’