Definition of patrial in English:



  • A person with the right to live in the UK through the British birth of a parent or grandparent.

    ‘the 1971 Act classified people as patrials and non-patrials’
    • ‘They were replaced by temporary work permits for certain categories of skills and for domestic servants, and free admission for ‘patrials’ and EU citizens.’
    • ‘Under section 1 of the Immigration Act 1971 he became a patrial with a right of abode in the U.K. and his wife, who lived with his four children in India, automatically became entitled to the same right.’
    • ‘The 1971 Immigration Act allowed free entry to ‘patrials’, that is, persons who had at least one British grandparent, or who had been naturalized, or who had lived in Britain for five years.’
    • ‘Under the Act those qualifying for right of abode under the 1968 and 1971 Immigration Acts - so-called patrials - became British Citizens.’


Early 17th century: from French, or from medieval Latin patrialis, from Latin patria ‘fatherland’, from pater ‘father’.