Definition of patria in English:



  • 1One's native country or homeland.

    ‘they remained faithful to their patria, Spain’
    • ‘So this false assumption of what your nationality and culture (rather than class) is, leads you to attack your actual real patria.’
    • ‘When the insolent boot of the invader sets foot on the sacred soil of the patria, etc., they will have to deal with the Reserves.’
    • ‘Individual Spaniards, whether living in Spain or abroad, usually think of the patria (the fatherland) not as the entire nation, but rather as the area of the country where they were raised.’
    • ‘Perhaps it makes us think about what makes us unique - about the essence of our patria.’
    • ‘They were patriots because they said that this is our patria, our country, our land which we work with our hands.’
    1. 1.1 Heaven, regarded as the true home from which the soul is exiled while on earth.