Definition of patka in English:



  • A man's head covering consisting of a small piece of cloth wrapped around the head, worn especially by Sikh boys or young men.

    • ‘Mandeep attempted to explain that his patka was not a hat, but rather an article of faith that must remain on his head.’
    • ‘Bare-bodied tribal member Bagun Sumbrai of the Congress, dressed in a green dhoti and sporting a green patka, also took the oath in Santhali.’
    • ‘He ran in aggressively, wearing a white patka that was reminiscent of that great flighter of the ball, Bishan Singh Bedi.’
    • ‘The penultimate over before lunch, Harbhajan, shockingly resplendent in white patka, found his bounce.’
    • ‘It was led by a stocky Sikh wearing a bright turban with a yellow patka (the band in the middle).’


Punjabi paṭkā from Sanskrit paṭṭikā ‘turban cloth’.