Definition of paternoster in English:



  • 1(in the Roman Catholic Church) the Lord's Prayer, especially in Latin.

    • ‘I had a contemplation of the sufferings of Christ, and I besought him to let me feel his sorrows with him, and prayed five paternosters in adoration of the five sacred wounds.’
    • ‘My paternoster is a combination of real paternosters in several universal languages from the last three or four centuries, including Esperanto, plus, if I remember correctly, a piece from Gulliver's Travels.’
    • ‘Finish with a colloquy to Christ our Lord, and finally a paternoster.’
    1. 1.1 Any of a number of special beads occurring at regular intervals in a rosary, indicating that the Lord's Prayer is to be recited.
  • 2A lift consisting of a series of linked compartments moving continuously on an endless belt.

    • ‘As for rigs, I recommend not having the lead directly on the line, helicopter and in-line styles are a no-no; use a short link ledger or paternoster.’
    • ‘It was not suggested by the appellants, either in evidence or by submission, that there was any second-hand source of paternoster machines.’
    elevator, hoist
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  • 3A fishing line to which hooks or weights are attached at intervals.

    • ‘A one ounce bomb is then fixed to a two foot tail, to form a paternoster rig.’
    • ‘When using paternoster rigs I have yet to find a system of safely removing the lead from the rig, because the angle of pull is reversed.’
    • ‘My standard approach is to use a paternoster with a 2 foot tail and 3 inch hook length for maximum bite registration.’
    • ‘A conventional link-leger is fine, but my favourite rig for these deep holes is the running paternoster.’
    • ‘A small Kamasan black cap feeder loaded with between 15 to 45 grams is used on a six inch paternoster tail.’
    • ‘Gordy started out ledgering, I had floats and paternosters.’
    • ‘These factors apply whether you are fishing a live bait or a dead bait, whether you are fishing a paternoster or a bottom fished bait - the principle is exactly the same.’
    • ‘For lively baits, such as rudd, I fix the paternoster to the leading treble.’
    • ‘There are several alternative sunken float paternoster rigs, all of which do a reasonable job.’
    • ‘The most consistent is a simple paternoster rig using an 18-inch hook snood with two Mustad Viking 4 / hooks on, these rigged one behind the other pennel style.’
    • ‘The second rig is a paternoster which can be used with dead or live baits.’
    • ‘The end tackle should consist of a paternoster and it should NOT have a running lead since it is important that as the fish takes the bait, the lead is forced to move.’
    • ‘My favourite rig for ledgering has to be the fixed paternoster.’
    • ‘Livebaits will be fished on a float paternoster, while the deads will be fished on a link ledger.’


Old English, from Latin pater noster ‘our father’, the first words of the Lord's Prayer.