Definition of paternity test in English:

paternity test


  • A medical test, typically a blood test, to determine whether a man is the father of a particular child.

    • ‘In the following four months he still sent out paternity test results purporting to be from the Canadian company.’
    • ‘The man, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, found out he was not the five-year-old's father through a DNA paternity test.’
    • ‘I made her take us to a DNA testing lab, and Joey and I took a paternity test, and it turned out that Angela was right.’
    • ‘Until a paternity test was completed he did not know whether Dysan was his son or his brother's.’
    • ‘‘Olivia's got a history of cystic fibrosis in her family so she's going to get a chorionic villus done along with a paternity test,’ he told me.’
    • ‘It takes years - and a paternity test - before the man will recognize his son.’
    • ‘Once the child was born, she decided to have a paternity test done.’
    • ‘‘I need you take a paternity test,’ she blurted out.’
    • ‘After it is born we can have a paternity test to prove it.’
    • ‘In particular, the courts will be able to recommend less invasive DNA sampling, as well as blood tests, which may lead to more people taking the paternity test.’
    • ‘He said it wasn't his, and when my daughter was born he made us have a paternity test.’
    • ‘Nurse, bring the paternity tests - I think I've found my real father!’
    • ‘I accept that there was some delay occasioned by the father's failure to respond expeditiously for a paternity test and to provide full disclosure.’
    • ‘Yes, you can schedule a paternity test at the desk.’
    • ‘So he decided that there would be a prenatal paternity test.’
    • ‘The paternity test was conducted by medical staff working in a laboratory owned by Shanghai's Biostar Genechip Inc Group.’
    • ‘I refuse to believe any of this until a paternity test is done.’
    • ‘Jake, Cassie, Guy and Lucas went to the hospital for the paternity test.’
    • ‘But as the movie progresses, we learn there is no need for a paternity test.’
    • ‘He never asked for a paternity test, never asked why I didn't call him as soon as I found out, he never asked anything.’