Definition of paternalistic in English:



  • Relating to or characterized by the restriction of the freedom and responsibilities of subordinates or dependants in their supposed interest.

    ‘the paternalistic attitude of colonial Victorians’
    ‘an old-style, paternalistic employer’
    • ‘His economic views are rooted in the paternalistic, interventionist tradition of postwar Germany.’
    • ‘His study is a form of paternalistic ethnography that offers little to the more credible scholarship on Mexican-Americans.’
    • ‘People are not looking for the old, paternalistic safety nets.’
    • ‘Defending the old, paternalistic 20th-century model isn't viable.’
    • ‘Assimilation is based on the paternalistic belief that there is little of worth to indigenous culture.’
    • ‘Prominent firms adamantly resisted unionization, engendering the allegiances of workers through paternalistic benefit plans.’
    • ‘The paternalistic account supposes that the masters of mankind have their inferiors' interest at heart.’
    • ‘Its public health administrators have inherited many illiberal attitudes of the paternalistic bygone regime.’
    • ‘One question underlying the trial will be how paternalistic the company's culture really has been.’
    • ‘Migrants were first represented in very paternalistic terms.’